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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions at all related to procuring Viagra from a mail order drugstore, here are a few different questions and answers that are likely to clarify whatever doubts you may have. Take a brief look at the FAQs below and contact us if you would like to know anything further.

1. How to buy cheap Viagra online?

Cheap Viagra is easy to purchase when you use an internet drugstore to fill the order. Here, the prices are extremely low compared to that of brick-and-mortar drugstores. You will find the ED pills at sale prices as they are sourced directly from the drug company and you also receive the authentic pills. Shop around for the best prices by comparing them and go with the one that fits your budget. Take steps to ensure that you choose only a reputed place to fill the order where the cheap prices are not too good to be true. By making the right choices you will be able to save a lot of money on this drug.

2. Will I be able to get hold of my Viagra medication without prescription?

It is possible that you will come across many places offering Viagra without Rx but this is not a safe practice as you would not know how safe the medicine you receive is or if your privacy is protected. What you could do is opt for the online doctor consultation and obtain the Viagra online prescription. The entire process is simple, easy to use, and does not cost anything. You would only have to pay for the medication that you purchase using the Rx.

3. Is it legal to buy generic Viagra without a medical script?

generic viagra no RxYes. It is absolutely legal to procure this medicine without the script but there are some restrictions. Since this is a prescription medication and this is required for processing orders at both offline and online drugstores, with no Rx purchases seen as being against the law. Considering the potency of the medicine and also the specific dosage instructions required, it is better to buy the pills and take them under medical supervision.

If it is not possible to get the medical script from your doctor in person, then you can go with the online doctor consultation. The doctor will provide the generic Viagra script if the symptoms suit the need and this can be used at any place to order the drug.

4. How to obtain huge discounts while purchasing Viagra online?

discounts on viagraPurchasing the drug Viagra online is highly recommended as a mail-order pharmacy is a place where you can obtain severely huge discounts and save on all your orders. There are many ways in which these discounts can be availed. Some of the options are by choosing exclusive Viagra online pharmacies where everything priced is less, applying coupons and promo codes, buying the pills in bulk, and even reordering from the same place. Buying the pills in bulk means the discount rate would be higher and you can also avoid wasting time with multiple refills. Look out for the timely discounts that are available at some places and make use of them right away.

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