Scifil (Generic Cialis)

SCIFIL pillsA Scifil(Generic Cialis) is the alternative of Tadalafil. This drug is used to treat symptoms of erectile Dysfunction. Scifil loosens the blood vessels which have been constrained by ED. The ingredient Tadalafil allows the blood to flow and helps male impotence in Erection. During the use of this drug, you may come across few side effects such as a headache, Indigestion, back pain, and runny nose. Do not consume it with alcohol. Always follow the physician advice before taking this tablet.

What should I tell my doctor before taking this drug?

  • You have to inform your doctor about the pills that you are taking currently.
  • Notify your healthcare professional about your medical ailments like heart problems, liver or kidney disease, physical deformity of the penis, or bleeding disorder.
  • Tell them your symptoms so that they can come to know about the severity of your condition and be helpful in choosing the dosage strength.
  • It is a must to say whether you are taking any other impotence drugs or not.


  • Scifil pills should be taken only if you have impotency and not for improving the sexual activity.
  • Taking the drug would not prevent pregnancy or transmission of sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Do not increase or decrease your dosage strength while on the treatment without getting medical advice.
  • Some might get allergic reactions while taking the pills hence check with a low dose and continue the therapy.

Side effects

Some of the common side effects while taking Scifil are muscle pain, sinus, headache, and diarrhea. In case, you find abnormal heart rate, swelling of hands, light-headed feeling and convulsion it is a must to go to the hospital and get help from them.

Ideal storage

After buying Scifil pills store it at room temperature without getting too much moisture, h, at and light. Never open the blister pack and keep it in a secured placed. Always have a count of the pills so that you can prevent others from misusing the medication. Check the expiry date before taking the pills.

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