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We all know that Viagra is a medication which can be easily purchased from cheap Viagra online store that helps the people with permanent impotency to have a great sex life. There are so many positive effects been triggered with the help of Viagra medication on the body. However, you should also know that there are also several scary effects been triggered when you take Viagra.

Who would experience the scary effects of Viagra?

This is very difficult to answer. The effects that one would experience would vary from one person to another. The reason is that each person’s body would react differently to the medication.

Only when you take the medication it is possible for you to know about it. However, the occurrence of scary effects of Viagra in the body would occur only because of the misuse of the medication.

Some people would be administering it in a wrong way whereas there are other people would be taking the higher doses of Viagra. These are some of the factors that would make a person to welcome unwanted issues in the body.

List of scary effects that you might experience while on Viagra

Some of the effects are mentioned below

  • Priapism

This is a state where a person would have a longer erection period. It is true that people consume Viagra in order to have an erection that is firm and lasts long. However, this is not the case with priapism. This is a situation where your erection would be maintained for four hours or more.

It is true that some men would find it interesting. But, the truth is that when the erection is present in the man for a longer span it would damage the nerves that are present in the penile region.

Due to the occurrence of the damage in this region, there are chances for a man to have a permanent issue in the penis and it might not be possible for them to get an erection forever in their life.

  • Nausea

Though this effect might look as if it is not a big concern the truth is definitely far away from it. When you have nausea effects it is difficult for you to concentrate on sexual intercourse. In fact, this would make you not to indulge in one.

The type of nausea that we are mentioning here is a severe one only. So just think about the difficulty that they would face.

  • Dizziness and fainting

This effect might be caused in a person who is taking Viagra medication. The decrease in the blood pressure would trigger these symptoms. When you suffer from dizziness it is definitely not possible for you to concentrate on the sexual intercourse.

If you are a person who is already suffering from low blood pressure and taking the suitable medication for it then there is no need to be worried. The occurrence of these effects in them would be very much low for sure.

However, it is not possible to check the blood pressure before consuming Viagra drug. When this is the situation there are chances for you to get affected by this side effect.

  • Blur vision

This is one of the rare effects that one would experience while taking Viagra medication. However, it is really a very scary one for sure. Your vision would be blurred. In addition to this, you would be seeing blue color only.

Yes, to state this clear it would be like, you are seeing through a blue glass. Every image, object or your surrounding would be in blue color. We can say that you would become color blind.

  • Flushing

This effectively means that your hand or palm would become red. When this flushing occurs, usually there is no need to be worried. It looks scary however does not have any negative effect on your health. But to be on a safer side you can mention about this to your healthcare professional.

The reason why you suffer from flushing is that there will be an increase in the blood flow to all regions in the body and not only in the penile area and this causes it.

What should you do if you experience any of these side effects?

When you take Viagra and experience any of these side effects then you have to know that you should consult with the healthcare professional immediately. Only when you get immediate medical help it is possible for you to lessen or reduce the effects on the body.

For instance, if you suffer from priapism then you have to get medical assistance. By doing this, it avoids the effect of worsening and it would protect your nerves from damage.

In case of blue vision, the healthcare professional might take needed measure. The occurrence of this effect would stay for a shorter period only.

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Viagra has become a globalized medication for erectile dysfunction medical condition. The drug has a place with PDE-5 inhibitors class drugs. All the medications from PDE-5 class are meant for men’s erectile treatment. Of them, Viagra has secured a unique place in treating erectile problems. The chief ingredient of the medication is Sildenafil citrate which formulated in such a way to maintain the erection in the male reproductive organ by increasing the supply of blood flow the particular penile part.

Erections in men are only copious blood filled in penis amid sex because of lighted sexual want. At the point when ED contacts, bloodstream decreases to the base or zero degrees, accordingly, men think that it’s difficult to pick up erections, in this way, no sexual action happens. Viagra is developed and manufactured with a selective mean to amuse erectile dysfunction in men.

As of late, Viagra has come up in different adaptations to back out the ED treatment. In reality, there are many men who live their life with erectile along with various health problems. Some have gulping issues, and so on. Viagra forms deal with all these and rapidly give arrangements. Different adaptations of the medication incorporate Viagra oral jelly, Viagra effervescent and more. These structures are simpler to take and don’t require gulping as in the event of pills. Their quick activity is the fundamental purpose of distinction. Dissimilar to Viagra pills, its forms set aside less opportunity to give erections and are promptly solvent in the blood. Be that as it may, at last, in whichever shape Viagra is taken, it gives attractive outcomes and makes men cheerful.

Before wanting to buy Viagra, alerts related to the medication are should have been perused and dealt with. When you have taken any medication in a right manner, it will work efficiently and this follows for Viagra as well. Viagra precautions are mentioned below:

*Mixing substance which contains nitrates as a lead ingredient along with Viagra can prompt serious ramifications such as hypertension or high blood pressure in the body.

*in case you are sensitized to Sildenafil citrate, do not take the drug as it could cause huge health consequences.

* Health inconveniences are certain to happen in men taking Viagra of they are now experiencing liver and kidney issues. Additionally, diabetics, heart patients and the ones experiencing hypertension expected to dodge the medication.

*Men should take the drug only they have the sexual desire if not it is advisable to keep a distance from the drug or else individuals would lead to serious outcomes.

These notice signs are expected to carve as a primary concern. Millions of men all over the world taking Viagra so far to treat ED, yet it has likewise dependably focused on that dependably take it with all alert. These days, erectile problems are common in men over 18 and one stop solution for that problem is Viagra. In fact, the majority of the healthcare professionals also recommend this medication for ed problem than other medications moreover this is the first medication developed and intended as an oral solution for Erectile Dysfunction.

Storing the Viagra techniques is also one important thing that everyone should take into consideration, otherwise, the medication will start to deteriorate. To disregard the impact of the medication makes a point to always store in the room temperature. The place of putting away the medication ought to be spotless and completely dry. High and low, these two temperatures hurt the medication broadly. Thereby, the ordinary temperature is viewed as best. Lapse of the medication is must be checked over and over, as by botch additionally if terminated medication is devoured can hurt wellbeing to a high degree. Discard the lapsed pills with mind and in an appropriate way.

The benefit of Viagra is cost effects when compared to other ed pills. Moreover, the medication is 100% safe to take and does not affect any individuals though individuals have to follow the doctor prescribed and directed instructions. Never take Viagra for any other medical issues rather than male impotency. In spite of the fact that the ed drugs would not treat the root of the erectile problem, but rather still have enormous achievement rate as ED treatment.

To get the medication men can go to the neighborhood drug store or can decide on online buy too. Viagra is effectively accessible online at numerous stores. Purchasing the medication online spares part of the time, cash, and vitality. Typically Viagra is liked to be purchased online from approved discount Viagra online pharmacy as it were. To learn and get more data about Viagra, the specialist is the most opportune individual to counsel to.

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Viagra is safe for the men who do not suffer from any cardiovascular disease. Such issue is not limited to Viagra, even the other ED medicines like Cialis and Levitra follow the same pattern and their side effects are similar, it is not advisable to consume these drugs if the individual is suffering from cardiovascular diseases. The common side effects of Viagra include:

  • Back pain
  • Diarrhea
  • A headache
  • Colored vision (In rare cases)
  • Stuffy nose etc.

Can an individual suffering from Cardiac problem consume Viagra?

It is highly riskier to have Viagra while having heart troubles. Viagra is absolutely harmless for healthy hearts. People who suffer from heart problems have to take certain precautions, while individuals with serious issues must avoid them completely. Viagra and all the other ED medicines affect and widen the arteries. The arteries not only include the male organs, but also the arteries in generating nitric oxide. After consuming Viagra, the blood pressure drops up to 50/80 even for the people with normal blood pressure. It gets riskier considering people with high blood pressures and heart ailments.

The medications which amplify the arteries by enhancing the supply of nitric oxide are called Organic Nitrates. The blocked arteries are opened through consuming these drugs. If the nitrates and ED medicines are mixed in the system, it would lead to a serious problem. If Viagra is taken with Nitrates (though they are not consumed at the same time) the blood pressure gets reduced to 25/51, which could even lead to heart stroke. Many clinical experts concluded that ED medicines should not be consumed by the individual who is having Nitrates regularly.

The list of nitrates includes:

  • Nitroglycerin
  • Isosorbide dinitrate (Long-acting nitrate)
  • Sorbitrate
  • Amyl nitrate (poppers used for sexual stimulation)

Food and Drug Administration has made a caution regarding the ED medicines and the heart diseases. Individuals who had faced heart problems, problems with heart pumping, attacks, heart-strokes, any heart malfunctioning in the past six months, History of CHF (Congestive Heart Failure), and unstable ischemic chest pain, individuals with extremely low blood pressure or extensively high blood pressure should avoid taking ED medicines. As the medications relating to these diseases could produce a serious negative reaction when consumed with Viagra or any other ED medicines/drugs. These drugs increase the blood flows which would get riskier when consumed with Viagra and other ED drugs.

Individuals who are using anti-fungal medicines are not advised to consume high volumes of Viagra; they have to reduce the dosage of all PDE-5 inhibitors to avoid negative reactions.

People who suffer from liver or kidney related issues should also lower the dosages of ED medicines like Viagra, Cialis etc.

People who are facing most or some of these problems are not recommended to have Viagra. But Safety is not a concern with Viagra as more than 20 million individuals are using Viagra without any complaint all through the United States.

The Viagra (manufactured by Pfizer) medicines are available in Viagra online pharmacy in a variety of strengths like 25mg, 50mg, 100mg etc. It is advised that people who are starting to take dosages should take them in limited doses. The course can be gradually increased looking at the results, but such a decision must be made by your doctor. The suitable dosage will be prescribed by the doctor, exceeding doses are not recommended as they would lead to serious health problems.

It is advised that the dosages are gradually increased instead of taking high doses from the initial stages. The dosage can be increased or lowered after considering the results. Consumption of alcohol must be completely avoided before taking the medicine. It is said that men who are suffering from potential problems start from the lower dosages.

Every medicine takes some time to respond to some individuals, In case the medicine found not responding, the individual should go for other treatments like shifting to another medicine or taking exercises and other forms of treatments.

What does a new research suggest?

After National Health Service has warned the individuals suffering from heart diseases to not take these tablets. Taking a pill of Viagra after heart would reduce the death risk, says a research conducted at Sweden.

Scientists knew that many studies conducted to date had concluded that it is dangerous for heart disease patients to have Viagra or other ED drugs.

A recent study conducted in Stockholm at Karolinska Institutet suggests that Viagra could be beneficial for the people who have heart troubles.

The study concluded that the 33% Patients who are taking Viagra are likely in the safe zone against heart troubles than the others. Another scientist said the individual who is having an active sex life after a heart attack can consume Viagra. An active sex life denotes a healthy life.

As the Viagra belongs to the classification of PDE5 Drugs, which acts on blood vessels to treat problems related to cardio-vascular arteries. Incidentally, Viagra was first invented to reduce the Heart-related problem, but it was diversified after the erectile function improvement results are brought to light.

A report on this study says that the survey was not conducted in a sound way; there could be certain mistakes in the study. It could be the lifestyle of the person that is causing him to stay active, but not the drug actually.

Though the Swedish Survey had given momentum to reconsider the facts, it cannot be considered as a complete and reliable survey because the methods used in the survey are completely unconventional. The traditional belief remains static that, “Viagra might not be safe for the individuals who are suffering from Heart diseases”.

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Keep in mind How Viagra Works

For plenty of men, Viagra speaks to a non-insignificant monetary speculation. At the high rate per dosage, men tend to need to take advantage of their Viagra.

The primary thing to consider while taking Viagra is how it works. The drug itself does not cause an erection; it influences blood flow in order to achieve erection state when a man is in sexual incitement. Taking Viagra around one hour prior to you envision sexual action is prescribed for best outcomes.

Take Viagra without food to work the drug better

Many men found that consuming Viagra without food makes them perform their best in bed. However, it does not a big deal taking the drug with food. Taking Viagra after or just before a considerable dinner can back off the effects of medication in your body. This is because your digestive system will be busy with your foods that you ate a few hours before. For a few men, this may not be a noticeable problem, but others see a postponement inadequacy when they take Viagra alongside a heavy-fatty meal. In the event that Viagra is by all accounts taking a longer time than the normal time to work, inquire as to whether you have eaten a fatty meal for your dinner in the previous hour. Assuming this is the case, which could be the purpose behind the postponement. One analyst put it along these lines: “I took it around an hour early and 90 minutes in the wake of eating. Other than a somewhat stuffy nose, I had no negative impacts or symptoms.”

Alcohol can affect Viagra working

To be honest, alcohol does not produce any effect on blood levels of Viagra, in a similar fashion; Viagra does not produce any influence in alcohol blood vessels as well. So, taking Viagra when you are drinking alcohol can influence the performance of the drug. Liquor alone can influence your capacity to achieve an erection. Numerous men find that while a little liquor can enable them to unwind and get into the state of mind, a lot of liquor can keep an erection. Taking Viagra without liquor makes things more unsurprising since you are expelling the variable of liquor’s impacts on sexual execution. On the off chance that you anticipate taking Viagra on an exceptional night that may incorporate drinking, it’s insightful to restrict your drinking so you will limit any impacts of liquor on your capacity to get an erection.

100 mg and 50 mg Tablets Often Priced the Same

In general, a majority of men would likely to buy Viagra 100 mg tables and then splitting them into two equal parts. This is because most of the pharmacies price for 100 mg dosage is almost the same as 50 mg dosage level. Thus, if your requirement for erection is 50 mg dosage but your doctor recommends a 100 mg prescription then you will get twice as much Viagra for your cash if you are endorsed 100 mg pills. The only thing that you need is a pill splitter and it may cost around two to three dollars. One happy Viagra client stated, “I take 50 mg (split a 100mg tablet) on a vacant stomach around an hour prior to a feast. Works incredibly… some face flushing and in some cases a mellow head pain… justified, despite all the trouble.”

Get Viagra from a trusted shop

Viagra is the most counterfeited medication ever in the medical history. When you selected to obtain Viagra medication without your family doctor’s prescription due to an awkward situation, then you can obtain the drug from reputed and trusted online shops such as This is because of the agreements with US-authorized drug specialists who apportion just real Viagra by Pfizer in light of a solution from a US-authorized doctor. The dangers of requesting what could conceivably be Viagra from a rebel online drugstore are essentially excessively incredible. Your online supplier ought to have a road address in the United States, and a US telephone number. Your wellbeing is excessively significant, making it impossible to trust to only any online supplier asserting to offer Viagra.

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Erectile dysfunction is the condition of inability to maintain an erection for a longer time. This sensitive disorder or a problem occurs in many men because of many reasons. Erectile problems generally caused by certain physical conditions including low testosterone, diabetes, heart-related disorders, and obesity. In addition, mental or psychological problems also play a key role in erectile issues such as hormonal changes, damages in nerve, and problems in blood flow.

Men believe that only prescription medications such as Viagra, Levitra, Cialis, and others could treat the erectile problems, but remember those are not your solitary alternative. Rather, there is certain effective routine exercise can treat the condition effectively.

An investigation from the University of the West in the United Kingdom found that pelvic exercise is one type of exercise which has regained almost 40% of men normal erectile function. Along with that, a few more research also recommends that pelvic muscle is really useful for ed patients as well as the people who have pelvic medical problems. Pelvic floor exercises also called as Kegel exercises.

Kegel exercise

Kegel exercise is a useful exercise for both men and women. Specifically, they help to reinforce the bulbocavernosus muscle. This essential muscle completes three works: It enables the penis to engorge with blood amid erection, it pumps amid discharge, and it helps void the urethra after pee.

In order to find out the muscles of the pelvic floor, individuals need to stop their stream for a few times during urination. Press those pelvic muscles and hold it for a few seconds, then relax to perform kegel exercise. Repeat this for 10-20 times per day. Men can perform this work out in different positions such as with knees up, sitting, and standing.

Aerobic exercise

The major cause of erectile dysfunction is low blood flow to the penis. And high cholesterol, obesity, vascular disorders, and diabetes are one of the main reasons for low blood flow. By means of that, those medical conditions can lead a person towards Erectile Dysfunction.

Aerobic exercise is recommended by health physician to avoid diabetes, obesity, cholesterol and other medical conditions, all together overall health conditions. Thereby, performing aerobic exercise also improve ED disorders.

Cardio workout

Doing consistent cardio work has numerous advantages to it. Basically, you can enhance muscle tone, lose overabundance muscle to fat ratio, manage circulatory strain, bring down cholesterol, and experience more noteworthy vitality levels. The metabolic disorder is one of the reasons for ED and it can be defeated along these lines when you are doing this exercise routinely. Pick a cardio workout that you like much than others and adhere to the program when you want a stable erection or normal erection.


This is an incredible method for bringing your body and psyche into congruity. Although it is not an exercise, Yoga will make a person calmer, composed and in control of all your activities. Perform yoga with your partner and go for the class in order experience a more profound closeness through a certain move of pelvic exercise.

Strength training

Obviously, cardio exercise is a helpful one for the people to increase their energy levels, but performing cardio exercise along with some weight lifting will enhance your muscles as well as bones. Moreover, adding more weight to the resistance training will help a people to improve their balance immensely and also make them look handsome or beautiful. Strength training is definitely a boon for people to improve or boost up their erection.


This does not entirely fall under exercise but rather it is a magnificent physical movement to take part in. Dancing is one of the enjoyable ways to consume off overabundance calories or fats and it also enhances your mood, builds more strength, show signs of improvement at adjusting with the cadenced developments, and just to lose oneself to the delight of the music.

If you are the type of men who do not enjoy or appreciates fitness regimen at a place or gym center then you can opt for dancing because this makes you happier as well as active. ED people would even discover more prominent outcomes when they do this action with their accomplices.

Combating erectile dysfunction problem in men is not too hard when you follow the above-mentioned natural methods or exercise.

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Millions of men worldwide take Viagra to treat erectile dysfunction (ED) and other related sexual health problems. Online drugstores are ideal for buying Viagra from us as one need not worry about pharmacy hours or filling out the prescription in front of others with the embarrassment of them coming to know about taking medications for ED. The convenience of mail order pharmacies is just a natural transition from the era of mail order pharmacies through which prescription medications were purchased all the time.

Getting Viagra is definitely legal if you have a valid prescription. Some countries allow ordering the pills without a medical script but if you are a resident of the US then you definitely require a prescription in order to purchase the medication legally. Knowing what is legal or not will help you to get the medicine without any hassles and take it freely as directed by the healthcare provider. Buying Viagra from a cheap Viagra internet store is simple enough but there are scores of places that offer the ED drug. Read on to see how you can ensure its purchase only in the legitimate way.

What are the legal considerations when buying Viagra online? 

There are many dangers of placing orders for this ED medicine and not just with regard to the legality. The drug’s popularity has spawned many illegal places to market this medication such that the order received may contain fake pills or you may not receive the drug at all. Getting this ED pills from a legally recognized internet pharmacy by taking the legal route will ensure that you get only the authentic medications.

For residents of the US, there are many limitations. Procuring Viagra or other prescription medications that are located overseas is considered illegal. The US does not allow for prescription medications but sometimes they overlook it when the drug is for personal use. The FDA also warns against Viagra online from a place that does not legally ask for the prescription. Not adhering to this can put the user at risk.

Placing the Viagra order online legally 

When you order the ED pills online, you want to make sure that you do it legally and safely too. To this point, opt for a web-store that is verified and approved by the government. Even if you are using an overseas internet pharmacy you can verify if it is authentic or not. Also, check the content in the site and if it provides essential information about the drug, correct price listings, and contact information. Always go with the one that asks for a medical script or has the facility to link your prescription details directly from the clinic.

Viagra without Rx can still be availed if you opt for a genuine internet pharmacy that offers consultation with an internet doctor, who can write the prescription for you if deemed suitable after assessing the symptoms and medical history. Following these simple measures will ensure that you are procuring Viagra online legally and that you receive only the genuine quality pills.

Can you get a prescription online for Viagra?

Yes, it is possible that you would get a medical script for Viagra online. There are many online pharmacies which apart from selling the pills would also be offering online consultation option. Any man who is suffering from erectile dysfunction can go about utilizing this facility.

You have to upload the reports to them as well as fill a form that they provide. This would get completed within a few minutes for sure. The next step is to consult an online doctor. They can be contacted through Skype.

Your symptoms for this condition would be asked to determine what dosage strength can be given to you. Not all would be eligible to take Viagra pills. Only those who can consume this pill would be given an online prescription.

Here, you did not have a prescription initially while entering the online site but now you do have a medical script. Due to this, you would be eligible to buy Viagra online legally.

Can you opt for the mail order pharmacy that does not ask for the prescription?

No, you are not supposed to choose a mail order pharmacy to get this medicine that does not ask for a medical script. These would mostly be counterfeit sites which would be offering harmful drugs in the name of Viagra.

Here, you would not only be spoiling your health condition, you would also be losing your money.

How much money should you pay for the prescription?

You do not have to pay any money for the consultation charge. It is absolutely free for the customers. However, there are few online portals that ask you to pay some fee but this would be low compared to the money that you pay to the doctor whom you consult in person.

It is better than you ask beforehand about how much you pay while consulting an online doctor to get Viagra. Only when it is appropriate for you then you can go about utilizing it.

Is it safe to buy Viagra with an online prescription?

viagra online prescription You would not be provided with a Viagra prescription just like that. As we mentioned earlier, it would only be provided after the complete evaluation of your health issue. So, it is definitely safe to take this medication with an online medical script.

But there is one factor that you have to look for. There are certain internet-based pharmacies that are faking the prescription.  So, be sure whether you have received the right prescription or not.

Why is Viagra prescription necessary?

Only if you have a Viagra prescription, it is possible for you to get authentic pills. Only if you have a medical script you can make use of a legitimate mail order pharmacy. You can very well go about asking for discounts from them. There are lots of benefits that you can avail when you have a prescription.

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