December 29, 2016

Refund Policy is a cheap Viagra online store which follows the below-mentioned refund policy. All the customers are required to read our refund option carefully before applying for a refund. Customers who meet the below-mentioned criteria’s are only eligible to get the refund from our store. When the eligibility criteria do not meet our policy, there are chances that your request would be declined.

Eligibility for customers to claim the refund:

Any customer of this online store can apply for the refund if they match the below-mentioned criteria.

  • Any damage to the package should be informed to our customer care team within 7 days of arrival of the package. If informed after 7 days, the claim will not be processed further.
  • If the received medication has crossed the expiry date (99% wont happen), then you are eligible to get 100% refund.  We will also ship a new set of the package to you free of cost.
  • Complete information regarding drug manufacturing company and the active ingredients present on the pill will be clearly mentioned on the pack. You can get these data prior to purchasing the medication online either by contacting your doctor or our customer support team. Once the pill is dispatched to you, you would not be eligible to claim the refund.
  • If the damage on the package or the pills is made from our side during package or shipment, then, we will be responsible for the reshipment. In this situation, all you have to do is just send the pictures of the damaged package or pills and we will be reshipping the package to you again without any cost. If we are not able to reship the pills, then we would be providing you a 100% refund. You can speak with our customer support team regarding this, and they will help you with the process in a neat and clear manner.

Note: We wish to draw your attention to the fact that if you would like a refund, please notify us directly instead of contacting your credit card company. We cannot grant a refund if you first make a claim directly with your credit card company. If you require further information, we would be most pleased to supply it.